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February 6, 2015
April 15, 2015

We’re running a Twitter & Facebook competition

Every now and then we like to reward our customers, and this competition is your little reward. It’s called #prizeengines and we will be giving away free leads to any home improvement company that enters.

Where do I enter?

You can find our Twitter and Facebook pages on the #prizeengines website here OR the direct links will be at the bottom of this post.

How do I enter?

It’s simple really! All you need is a twitter/facebook account and you’re already half way there. Next you have to lookout for the hashtag #prizeengines in one of our posts. When you see it all you need to do is Like, Retweet, or share that post with your friends and followers. After that you’ll be automatically entered into the #prizeengines competition.

Not currently signed up with Price Engines? You can sign up on our website for free by clicking here. We send all new customers a USB welcome pack full of  information about us as a company and how we operate.

What do I win?

You win a premium tele-qualified lead! Consider it as a little treat from us, free of charge. There will only be 3 winners, sadly. However, there will be a grand prize for one lucky winner! You can claim the free lead after a maximum of 28 days after the winners are announced.


Retweet our #prizeengines tweets on our Twitter page here

Like or Share our #prizeengines posts on our Facebook page here

Get more information about the competition on the #prizeengines website here