The Best Leads in the Business

We take pride in the quality of our leads, and to understand why, you should understand the story of a lead – how a homeowner reaches us, how we process their information, how companies are selected for lead delivery and how it winds up in your delivery area.
We advertise and sell all the leads we generate - and unlike many companies who sell sales leads we don't work them ourselves and we don't exchange a single lead with ANY other provider. Free Sign Up - get leads now.

Free Performance Benchmarking

See how well you're working the leads compared to your competitors. - Use our free tools to turn all your leads into more appointments and more sales.

Leads Generated Online

Homeowners visiting our Quoter sites are invited to enter their contact details to proceed to the online pricing system. They enter their own measurements and requirements. When they are finished they are given an instant online price guide.

Leads Verified by Us

Around twenty minutes later the Price Engines telesales team call to confirm the contact details and the job requirements. They offer the homeowner the chance to get an appointment from up to four of our registered and approved home improvement companies.

Matched to companies from our database

If the homeowner agrees, their details and requirements are matched against our database of companies. No lead is ever matched to more than 4 companies.

Delivered by SMS, email or Twitter

Once matched, the lead appears in the online delivery area of each of the matched companies, and they’ll receive notification of a new lead by their chosen method – text, fax or email. When we pass a lead on to you, we make sure that you know every detail that we know about that lead.