No Quibble Returns Policy


When to Call The Lead

Leads should be called using the telephone number & PIN provided on the day that the lead is received. We advise that you call the customer as soon as you receive the lead details as one of our call centre operatives will have spoken to the homeowner shortly beforehand. If you fail to try to contact the customer within 24 hours of receiving the lead details, the lead will not qualify for our No Quibble Policy



Contacting The Customer

In cases where you are having difficulty in contacting the customer, we ask that you continue making call attempts (using the telephone number & PIN provided) spread evenly over a 7 day period. It's important that you try contacting the customer in the evenings and weekends, as some homeowners are unable to answer their phone during the day.

We class spreading calls evenly, as making a call attempt in the morning, afternoon and a call attempt in the evening, with no more than 3 call attempts being made to the same customer within one day. We allow you up to 7 days from receiving the lead to contact the customer so that they have every chance to respond.



If The Customer Asks For A Call Back

If you call the customer and they ask you to give them a call back at a point within the next 24 hours, we ask you to do so. However if the customer asks for you to call them back anymore than 24 hours after speaking to them, we advise that you report the lead back to us on your online account as the chances of the customer arranging an appointment in this situation is quite low.




When you contact the customer, it is important that you directly ask for an appointment to go out to the property and provide the customer with a quote. If the customer declines an appointment, then you will need to return the lead and our Quality Control team will investigate further. Should the customer agree to an appointment but then cancels it, the lead will no longer be eligible for return.

If the homeowner asks you to provide a quote over the phone or via email and you choose to do so, the lead will be classed as being worked, meaning that we will not credit the lead if you try to return it. Our operatives inform customers that the companies on our register will be contacting them to arrange an appointment/survey and that is what they agree to.


If you have anymore questions about how our No Quibble Returns Policy works, please contact us