Top 5 Tips to help turn your lead into a sale

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August 29, 2014
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February 6, 2015

Top 5 Tips to help turn your lead into a sale

1. The Early Bird…

Ring up the lead as soon as we pass it to you. We get it, you must of heard this a ‘thousand’ times off Vicky, Mo or Vern, but that’s only because it actually does work!

Priceengines is great because our system works in real time, so it’s more than likely when you get the lead the customer is still on the computer looking at home improvements, eagerly awaiting your quotes. And by quick we mean minutes here! Some companies have the bad habit of waiting hours, or even days, by then your competitors would of already begun speaking to them and getting that sale. The conversion rate is dramatically higher when you call the lead within the first 5 minutes, bear that in mind.

We understand that you can’t be sitting at your phone all day waiting for our leads so you can be the first caller, but we can help you to ensure you get there as quickly as possible.


  • Request for more ways to receive the lead, texts, emails.. This enables you to make fast contact while away from your office — at lunch, on-site, during off hours and while visiting other customers. Best of all, it’s free! .
  • If you receive a lead when you aren’t able to provide a quote, send an introductory email drafted on your mobile device or place a quick call to introduce yourself so you can make mutually-beneficial time to speak further.

2. Use Call Recording

We provide a free call recording service and it’s an excellent way to make your conversion rates higher. With the vast majority of companies starting to realise this, it’s shortly becoming our most popular feature.

What we do is give you an 0845+ number and pin code for you to dial. This then logs onto our data base and records your conversation with the consumer over the phone. Afterwards you will be able to see that conversation on your admin area and listen back to it. The best thing is that because it’s a nationwide number the rates (when contacting a mobile device) are considerably lower.

This offers a wide range of benefits such as, using it as a means of training your reps. They can learn from the pro’s on how to effectively communicate to consumers or even open your eyes to how your reps conduct themselves over the phone. You will be able to make improvements to better your team for free.

In addition when using our call recording service you can apply for no-quibble returns if you couple it with an acceptable amount of attempts to contact the consumer. All you have to do is go to quality control and submit your call recordings and our Quality Control team will get back to you ASAP.

3. Persistence Pays

Sometimes it takes a while to contact the lead, it’s a pain and you might want to give up, but don’t be put off when you haven’t reached them. Just like some friends, customers too can be equally as bad when getting back to you by phone or email, vary your how the ways you contact the consumer to increase your chances of catching them.

The best way to reach the lead is to call the consumer 3 times a day for 5 days, morning, noon and night. The majority of companies that adopt this particular methodology tend to have higher chance of contacting the customer and higher conversion rates. Also if you apply this with our excellent call recording service you will be able to qualify for No-Quibble returns!

4. Missed opportunities

Most companies typically work Monday through Friday during regular business hours, however we get many submissions for quotes on the weekends when they have more disposable time. Because of this, there can be an advantage to following-up on the weekend since you can make contact when your competitors aren’t working.

Your experience with priceengines will often depend on the other companies working in your area. Try experimenting with different leads — there might be less competition for certain leads, and once you have developed a relationship with that consumer you have a base of people you can cross-sell and get referrals from. Also look for trends in the areas you convert well in. Since home improvement companies often work specific zip codes, you could discover a sweet spot where the sales regions of your strongest competition don’t overlap.

5. Perfecting  Consumer Experience

Bear in mind that the consumer will not be familiar with your company name. This is because they come through our unique  websites e.g. Solar Panel Quoter, Window Quoter etc. Take this into consideration when introducing yourself for the first time and use more generic terminology when describing the reason for your call.

Familiarise yourself with the lead before making contact. We advise this because consumers have filled out a detailed quote request form, they expect you to be familiar with their basic information. We found that consumers become frustrated when asked again for information they just provided online. You can always check the accuracy of the information if you make it clear to the consumer that you want to confirm the what you have you received.

If you are contacting a consumer in your area, it’s important to mention that you are local. From the consumer’s perspective, getting home improvement quotes online might seem impersonal and anonymous. This will help the consumer relate to you and generate trust especially if they would want to meet in person.