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Terms and Conditions

At a Glance Terms and Conditions

  • No contract or commitment beyond one lead that we will keep replacing until you get a sit!
  • Pay-As-You-Go. You store payment details ready for when a suitable lead becomes available.
  • Cancel, pause or suspend at any time.

We Supply only Consent-based data.

Lawful Basis for Processing Data

Our lawful basis for processing data is consent. This is captured verbally through a phone call to the customer asking if they’re happy for their data, input into our webform, to be transferred to our trusted providers. All our calls are recorded for compliance checking.

After the call the customer will receive a confirmation email showing which specific trusted provider they’re being partnered with and should expect a call from.

The Small Print

Price Engines Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions can be found online at: https://www.priceengines.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/
1. Lead

1.1 A “Lead” shall comprise the provision by Price Engines Ltd. of the contact details of an individual visiting a Price Engines Website or similar point of access.

1.2 A Lead shall be distinguished from an “appointment”, which is an actual visit or contact made between the Customer and an individual.

1.3 There is no minimum purchase. The Customer may turn their account off at any time and take no more leads from that point in time.

1.4 Leads replaced under the No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee are goodwill replacements and do not alter the Lead description 1.1


2.1 All prices agreed by Price Engines are, unless otherwise stated, exclusive of VAT and any other applicable tax.

2.2 The Customer shall pay Price Engines Ltd. the sum shown on the attached price list for each Lead that Price Engines provides to it. Payment shall not be dependent on the Customer securing an appointment (an appointment being an actual visit made by the Customer to that individual.)

2.3 All Price Engines invoices shall be paid, when due, in full without any deduction whatsoever.

2.4 In the case of non-payment of invoices due, the entire Customer debt will become due for payment on demand.

2.5 Re-billing. You may choose to securely lodge a credit or debit card with your account and authorise Price Engines Ltd. to use this card to take such payments daily as are necessary to settle this account.


3.1 Either party may cancel this Agreement at any time.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 These Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other Terms and Conditions including (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) the Customer’s terms and conditions, and shall be deemed incorporated in any dealings by Price Engines with the Customer

4.2 No person other than a Price Engines director has the authority to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions.

4.3 The validity, construction and performance of this Contract shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have sole jurisdiction to hear all claims or disputes connected with the Contract.

4.4 In considering any request for a credit account we reserve the right to search your record at credit reference agencies or request suitable trade references as required.

4.5 Calls may be recorded or monitored for training and quality purposes.

4.6 Data shall be handled and processed in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation.

4.7 The Customer agrees to Price Engines Ltd. undertaking such credit reference checks as are necessary for the the provision of any agreed credit provision.

4.8 The Customer agrees to Price Engines Ltd. undertaking such credit reference checks as are necessary for the the provision of any agreed credit provision.

5. Affiliates

5.1 Affiliates are required to provide proof of their Data Protection Registration

5.2 No personal data can be accepted without the direct agreement of the data subject.

6. No-Quibble Returns

6.1 Where the Customer can provide proof of Reasonable Effort, Price Engines Ltd. will guarantee satisfaction with the Lead or provide a replacement without quibble.

6.2 Reasonable Effort is defined as calling the lead on day of receipt and making a sensible number of contact attempts spread evenly over the day and week, and a professional sales approach that includes a request to make an appointment without undue over-qualification or pressure.

6.3 Proof that Reasonable Effort has been made will be required by provision of call recordings.

6.4 No-Quibble Returns covers failure to contact or the Customer’s refusal to make an appointment. Once an Appointment has been arranged replacements will not be offered under this guarantee.

6.5 Duplicate information previously supplied by another provider must be reported within 12 hours and in all cases before any contact is made with the Homeowner.

7. GDPR – Safe Address

7.1 In order to comply with GDPR regulations, we don’t provide homeowners direct contact details. To contact homeowners, companies will need to call or email through our system. For more information please visit – https://safeaddress.co.uk/